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8 Ways Founders Can Keep Family Peace in Your Family Business
John Anthony  April 12, 2018
From Walmart to Comcast to John’s Pizzeria, most US businesses are family-owned. Along with the routine challenges of running any business, families face additional pitfalls. That is why it is critical to hold regular family ‘shareholder’ meetings to discuss personal issues as they relate your family life, your business, and your future. 

Still, over the years I have seen some pretty “intense” business disagreements among family members. Here are a few pointers I hope you will find helpful to manage those tough moments.
Switching off Your Brain’s Stress Party
John Anthony  January 24, 2018
Most professionals facing a tough office day, budget issues, and projects that go off the rails understand stress. What you might not know is that your brain works hard to create those tense muscles, heart palpitations, and wandering thoughts.
Why change is easier than you think
John Anthony  September 27, 2017
Mastering change is critical when escaping from depression, quieting a raging panic attack, or getting a work promotion...
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